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There are few things as annoying and frustrating as a bed bug infestation. If they end up making their way into your home or place of business, they are not easy to get rid of. 


Bed bugs can develop patterns of behavior that assist them in evading any extermination attempts. On top of that, they have adaptive physiology that enables them to have babies that are resistant or immune to insecticides.   


Bed Bug Heat Treatment in Broken Arrow

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What can be done to get around the natural defense mechanisms of these pests? Is there any solution that can help you get rid of bed bugs once and for all? Thankfully, there is a method that can do just the thing. 


The team at Action Pest can provide you with a Tulsa Bed Bug Heat Treatment that can fight against the defenses of these pests in a way that other treatments can’t. Through the use of large electric heaters or a propane-fueled heater, every nook and cranny of your home is heated to around 135 degrees Fahrenheit. This level of heat causes the bed bugs’ bodies to dry out, giving you a pest-free home. The team at Action Pest has plenty of experience using this kind of method and isn’t afraid of heating things to get the job done. 


But how exactly does a Tulsa Bed Bug Heat Treatment get the job done? Is it the best way to handle your bed bug infestation? Read on to find out some of the benefits of choosing Action Pest for your Tulsa Bed Bug Heat Treatment. 


What Are The Benefits Of Tulsa Bed Bug Heat Treatments? 


Heat Treatments will most certainly kill bed bugs, but there are quite a few additional benefits to choosing this route over other extermination methods. Some of those benefits are that: 


Tulsa Heat Treatments Are All Natural 


Many pest control companies are using pesticides exclusively for all of their clients, but we are in favor of more natural approaches like a Tulsa Bed Bug Heat Treatment. Heat treatments are completely natural, so you don’t have to worry about it being improperly applied. 


Because it is natural, your property, loved ones, pets, or the environment are all safe and sound while the treatment is being applied or even afterward. 


You don’t have to do much preparation ahead of time because of how safe it is. You can have the peace of mind that your belongings are unharmed and unaffected by this form of treatment. 


Tulsa Heat Treatments Bring Bed Bugs Out Of Hiding 


Bed bugs are really fast. When they are scared and there is danger close by, they can find hiding places much quicker than we think. A pillowcase, bookshelf, a couch, a picture frame, or cracks in the wall can all be valid hiding places for bed bugs with the right motivation.


But before you give up and leave the country, or sell your apartment, you need to know that there is no hiding place that a Tulsa Bed Bug Heat Treatment isn’t able to reach because of how much it radiates. 


When your entire place of residence has a temperature of over 120 degrees Fahrenheit, there is nowhere for a bed bug to hide.  


Tulsa Heat Treatments Are Faster Than Other Treatments 


While other treatments take weeks or months to take full effect, a Tulsa Bed Bug Heat Treatment only takes a few hours to get the job done. 


Forget about the multiple follow-up appointments that chemical treatments require. Heat treatments get the job done extremely fast in just one day. Because this treatment is so fast, you don’t have to worry about leaving your home overnight and spending money on other temporary accommodations. 


If you are looking for a quick and easy way to get rid of a bed bug infestation, a Tulsa Bed Bug Heat Treatment could be the best solution for you. 


Heat Treatments Kill Bed Bugs That Are Insecticide-Resistant


Bed bugs shed their skin around 5 times as they are developing. If the timing is just right for these pests during a chemical treatment, they can grow a new layer of skin that is more resistant to pesticides. 


This process affects the offspring of bed bugs as well, passing on even more resistance to pesticides to their young. This makes the process of exterminating these pests much more difficult if it continues. 


Bed bugs get around quite a bit as well, which means that they could have developed their resistance to pesticides somewhere else before making a stop at your home. 


The great thing about heat treatments is that bed bugs might be immune to some chemicals, but they are not immune to heat. The heat will always get the job done every time. 


Heat Treatments Are More Thorough Than Other Treatments 


If a pest control company chooses to use fumigation as a treatment for a bed bug infestation, eggs are still able to survive the exposure to the fumigants. This creates a nasty cycle of having to use multiple treatments without truly getting to the root of the problem. 


Thankfully, no matter what stage of development a bed bug is in, heat treatments can kill them. Even if they are eggs, the heat is so intense that they are not able to survive. 


A Tulsa Bed Bug Heat Treatment is much more thorough than any other treatment because heat can reach every corner, crack, or crevice that your house could have. Instead of opting for a treatment that will only put a band-aid on the problem, go for an option that eliminates the extermination. 


Tulsa Heat Treatments Work Best In Conjunction With Insecticides 


While only using chemicals is not an effective way to get rid of bed bugs long-term, they can most certainly be useful when used alongside a heat treatment. 


Once the heat treatment is completed, a lot of professionals recommend applying insecticides to the outside of your home to act as a form of defense or barrier against other insects trying to get in once the temperature returns to normal. 


Pest control companies might try to convince you that there is only one route to take when it comes to methods that are most efficient but don’t forget to do your research ahead of time to explore all of the options available. 


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