What Can You Do About Bed Bugs?

What Can You Do About Bed Bugs?

What can you do about Bed Bugs?

You NEED a professional pest control service to get rid of bed bugs.

First and foremost, You will need Professional Pest Control.

Action Pest Management Specialists have the education and skills to effectively treat and control Bed Bug problems. We have developed a treatment plan to safeguard and rid your home, family and or business of Bed Bugs and all other pests.

Things you can do to help prevent a Bed Bug infestation is to try to avoid picking them up from hotels, motels and other sources when you or your family members travel. This includes local destinations.

Take special care when considering the purchase of used furniture. Especially bedding items and upholstered items. You will not believe how well these pests can hide. If there is a wrinkle or crevice in the fabric on a sofa, they can dig deep into it and you may never see them. Do not bring used items into your home until you have inspected them carefully for any signs of bed bugs. Live and dead bed bugs, their eggs, fecal spots, and shedding skins.

Another thing we highly suggest is the use of a Bed Bug mattress and box springs cover. This will seal shut to prevent Bed Bugs from getting into them or will permanently trap any that could already be there. 

Occasionally inspect your bedding and other places in your home which are typical hiding sites for Bed Bugs.

If an infestation is confirmed, it is very wise to consider contracting Action Pest Management, Inc. We are highly educated and experienced with Bed Bug and Pest Control.  Call us for an effective and thorough inspection that will provide you with information you may want and need to carry out any needed control effort under a suitable contract. 

For quick, complete and Professional Bed Bug Control, call Action Pest Management, Inc. now.