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The Black Widow Spider is the most venomous spider in North America.

Action Pest Management: The Black Widow

Another widely feared spider throughout the state of Oklahoma is the Black Widow. They are found nationwide, however, they prefer the warmer part of the country, such as Oklahoma.

Recently, the Oklahoma Poison Control Center warned people to watch out for the creepy crawlers as the number of people who were bitten had almost doubled from the previous year.

The increase could be partially linked to the extraordinary dry, hot summer Oklahoma has had recently. According to some meteorologists, it looks like we may be on track for the same in the next few years.

So be on the lookout, Black Widows love the heat!

Take Precautions

Take careful precautions when working outdoors. Black widow spiders like to hide out around woodpiles and can be encountered when homeowners carry firewood into the house. They are also found under eaves, in boxes, underneath unused construction materials, inside toys, firewood boxes, meter boxes, and other unbothered places.

The female Black Widow’s venom is especially poisonous to humans. Despite its reputation, this spider will attempt to escape rather than bite unless it becomes threatened or it is guarding an egg mass. The male black widow will not bite.

The female earns her name because sometimes after mating, she will eat the male, thus giving her the name “widow”.

If bitten by a Black Widow Spider, the poisonous venom may cause immediate pain at the bite site. It will usually intensify dramatically by the third hour. Some people experience abdominal pain, muscle cramps in the stomach, shoulders, and back. Headache, rash, itching, sweating, swelling eyelids, tearing of the eyes, tremors, weakness, and paralysis, especially in the legs. Dizziness, chest pain, respiratory difficulties may begin along with high blood pressure.

Young children and elderly folks are often more symptomatic and should be treated immediately.

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