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Did you know an estimated 45,000 people are bitten by snakes every year in the United States? 8,000 of those bitten were bitten by venomous snakes.


There are approximately forty-six species of snakes in Oklahoma? Out of that forty-six, seven of them pose a real danger to people.


Snakes prefer cool dark places where there is plenty of food. Many snakes like places that are dry and firm. Most of them will seek underground areas where rodents run. People often mistakenly create a perfect home for a snake by leaving openings in crawl spaces, wall cavities, and attics. They love firewood stacks, junk piles, retaining walls and even your gardens! Sometimes you may find a variety of snake species sharing a den if the conditions are particularly desirable.

Safety Matters!

Often if a snake is in your home or business, you may not notice it for some time. Most snakes have nocturnal behavior, therefore they aren’t out and about during regular hours. Once they are in the building they will travel through walls, between joist and trusses and along your pipes. Eventually, you may notice an odor and possibly see snake scat, skin sheds or even a full discarded snakeskin.

If you have seen snakes in your yard or suspect they may be in your house, buildings and or businesses do not attempt to catch or kill them or handle snake control on your own. Snakes are dangerous. Safety matters! Call the professionals at Action Pest Management for your snake control needs, to inspect identify, and or safe and humane removal.

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