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The most common pest infestation–these pesky little creatures are known to invade homes, apartments, restaurants, hotels, and other institutions. Usually, where there is one Roach, there are many.

Unlike most household pests, roaches stick around all year long. They prefer a warm, moist area where food is plentiful. They sneak into your home sometimes by hitching a ride in grocery bags, laundry baskets and in some cases, they will simply walk in from outdoors.

There are several different types of roaches. Action Pest Management quickly identifies all roaches and rids your home of them for good.

The German Cockroach is the most common roach in the Broken Arrow and Tulsa areas. You will see these Roaches in warm, damp places like kitchens, bathrooms or anywhere people eat and drink. They love sweet and floury foods but can also be seen feeding on non-organic items, like magazines, books, and even toothpaste.


Roaches not only are capable of transmitting disease organisms such as bacteria which could cause food poisoning, but they are also a large cause of allergy problems to people, second only to dust.

It is extremely important to start pest control upon the first site or sign of a Roach. They will make themselves at home in YOUR home. Roaches are capable of producing several thousand offspring in just one year. If left untreated they can and will reproduce very quickly spreading throughout your home and or business. If that happens you will find them running around your counters and floors even during the daytime.

One of the first places you may see evidence of Roaches are around pipes under kitchen and bathroom sinks. Roaches leave dropping that are similar to mouse droppings, just not as pointed as the mouse dropping. They also have a distinctive odor.

If you suspect you may have the beginning of an infestation, we highly suggest calling Action Pest Management, Inc.

Keep your family on the safe side, and call us now for inspection and treatment.

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