Action Pest Management Monthly Maintenance Pest Control

Monthly Maintenance Pest Control

Action Pest Management
Monthly Maintenance Pest Control

Our Monthly Maintenance Program has been developed to ensure you a pest free-living and/or working space.


Action Pest Management team will treat your home, workplace, real estate, shop, etc., on scheduled visits at your convenience.

By doing this on a monthly basis you, your family, co-workers, clients, tenant, ect., will remain protected from many pests that are in the Broken Arrow and Tulsa areas. Should you need our Pest Control Specialist in between services for pest control that is included in your maintenance agreement, we are happy to accommodate you and those visits are free of charge and can usually be completed within 24 hours.

The service will begin with our Pest Control Specialist inspecting your home, business, etc., for pests and locating areas that are conducive to environmental conditions for future pests to invade your home. When necessary, Action Pest Management, Inc., will apply materials to help prevent and treat pest infestations. Your Pest Control Specialist will make structural recommendations to help make and keep your place a pest-free environment.

Action Pest Management, Inc., only uses materials that are registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and all of our Specialists are licensed by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture (ODA).

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