Broken Arrow Bed Bug Pest Control

Broken Arrow Bed Bug Pest Control


What exactly is a bed bug? What do they look like? Are they dangerous? And the most important question: How do you get rid of them?


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Bed Bug Removal In Broken Arrow


Bed bugs were historically recorded as early as 400 BC in ancient Greece and were later mentioned by Aristotle, a Greek Philosopher in the Classical Period.


Bed bugs are small, oval creatures that are typically brown in color. Every effort should be made to get rid of bed bugs in your Broken Arrow home quickly because the life cycle of bed bugs is quite short, and they multiply very rapidly, meaning there will be plenty more bed bugs waiting to infest your home again.


They often come out at night to feed on the blood of human victims. They use their antennae on the top of their head to find where you sleep at night.


The next morning you will wake up with bites all over your body. Bed Bugs enjoy biting humans and can be found almost anywhere in the world. They take refuge in bedding or clothing and can be dangerous for humans.


Within a year of exposure, bed bugs can cause anemia in adults and may be responsible for up to fifty percent of all “bug” bites we commonly associate with mosquitoes. Bed bugs need to be exterminated fast!


Broken Arrow Bed Bug Treatments


There are really only two main ways in which to treat your home for a bed bug infestation. One way is to use a chemical agent or pesticide to eliminate the bed bugs. But chemical treatments are typically not as effective as a Bed Bug Heat Treatment because chemical, or pesticide treatments, take more than one treatment and take more time to work on the bed bugs.


Another much less invasive treatment option is to have a Bed Bug Heat Treatment done by one of our Broken Arrow Bed Bug Professionals.


Bed Bug Heat treatments are the most common way to take care of bedbugs. Another added benefit of a Bed Bug Heat Treatment is that the process is also useful for other pests that can’t be killed by normal bed bug pesticides such as cockroaches and silverfish.


The Broken Arrow Bed Bug Heat Treatment process involves heating up an entire apartment or house to extreme temperatures killing bed bugs right off from exposure. Afterward, it is essential to inspect for bed bugs regularly, and if any are found, they must be taken seriously or they will survive and spread a bed bug infestation in your residence again.


Other Broken Arrow Pests


We don’t just handle bed bugs here at Action Pest Management, we can also treat your home or business for roaches, spiders, snakes, rats and mice, termites, bees and wasps, flies, ants, gnats, mosquitos, and more! If you need a serious Pest Exterminator in Broken Arrow or Tulsa, we look forward to working with you!