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How many times have you heard the scream of someone who has been startled by a mouse running across the floor or maybe they opened a drawer to find these dirty little creatures have made themselves a home there!

Sure, you can set out traps and maybe even catch a few, however traps do not always get rid of these Rodents completely.

Action Pest Management's Professional Pest Control Specialist are highly trained in eliminating Rodents from coming in and from staying in your home and or business.

Mice and Rats are disease carrying Rodents. Once inside your home they will contaminating everything they touch by scurrying around. They will not only eat your food, leave urine and feces on your countertops, but they also chew and gnaw virtually any and everything! Plastic, wiring, books, wood, fabrics, wiring and even some soft metals.
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If you pay attention, you can easily detect signs of these unwanted guest in your home or office. Mice and Rats usually leave behind droppings wherever they go. These droppings are usually 1/8" in length, dark in color and pointed on both ends. tracks or gnawing markings? Or maybe you've noticed an musky odor lately. If you recognize any of the above, chances are, you are leaving with these Rodents.

Once Mice and Rats find a consistent food and shelter, they will infiltrate the walls of your home and or business to build their nest and raise their young. They will breed fast, commonly producing six to twelve in each breeding cycle, creating the beginning of a major Rodent problem.

We know how important it is to live Pest and Rodent free. Call Action Pest Management for help in safeguarding your family from the disease and damage these pesky Rodents can and will cause.
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