Spring has Sprung, Don't get Stung!

Call us for Bee and Wasp Control.

Spring has Sprung, Don't get Stung!
Call us for Bee and Wasp Control.
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These flying insects may be known for their important roles in pollination, but they can also become not only a nuisance to people, but also a danger.

Both of these flying insects have what is commonly known as "stingers". With the stinger they inject a protein venom that causes pain and other reactions.

Honey Bees have barbs on their stinger that remain hooked in the skin after the sting. The stinger, is connected to the digestive system of the bee and is usually torn out of the abdomen as the bee attempts to fly away. As a result, the bee soon dies. If you are stung by a honey bee, remove the stinger (with its attached venom gland) with tweezers or your fingernail, as soon as possible. Do not pull the stinger out with two finger, doing this could force more venom into your skin, causing greater irritation.
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Because Wasp and Bumblebee's are able to pull out their stinger without injury to themselves, they can and usually will sting more than once. If you are stung by a wasp or bumblebee, the stinger is not left in your skin.

Normally people have only local reactions to wasp and bee stings, however a few may experience more serious reactions. Some people are allergic to Bee and Wasp stings.

Non-allergic reactions may include burning, itching, redness and swelling. Sometimes the itching and swelling can last up to a week.
Allergic reaction may include a rash or hives, swelling, headaches, respiratory problems and stomach upset.

People who are known systemic allergic reaction, could suffer life-threatening reactions and should seek medical treatment immediately.

Now that Spring is here, we are all spending more time outdoors. Do not take a chance with yourself or a loved one. Call Action Pest Management for Professional Pest Control now.

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